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Plain black rubber cyber bodice

85.00 (EU tax incl.)

The original men’s cyber bodice, with 8 plain black rubber pads on the front, zipper closure, adjustable side straps. The one and only original brand.

What we like about this cyber bodice

This cyber bodice is probably the most distinctive and popular look for fans of electronic music, industrial or EBM. This is a true and authentic design, detailed with two large rubber pieces on the chest, and six small rubber pieces at the bottom that look like a muscular cyborg six-pack. What is so great about these cyber-goth bodices is the snug but comfortable fit achieved through the use of stretchy fabric and elastic straps at the sides, and the solid quality that makes this the perfect apparel for the dance floor or stage performances. Just look at the sheer number of bands wearing these, they can’t be wrong.


  • men’s cyber bodice
  • soft synthetic rubber padding on front
  • black and dark grey color tones
  • front zipper
  • adjustable side straps
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