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War Band belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic

41.00 (EU tax incl.)

The War Band belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic likens a rune-cut battle shield with crossing Viking swords. Made from duo-tone English Pewter, this fine piece of jewelry is etched and detailed with Futhark runes and is worthy of any Norse leader. Fits on any standard 1.5″ belt strap.

Why we love the War Band belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic

The Norse culture has a fascinating history of bravery and epic battles, a time when men were fierce and women strong. But the Viking are often misrepresented through Hollywood stereotypes, the infamous horned helmets are the best example. So it’s refreshing to see that the Alchemy Gothic designers who created this belt buckle took care to properly research, molding authentic Viking swords and buckler shield into a genuine piece of Norse inspired art.


  • shaped like a buckler shield
  • crossing Viking swords
  • battle-worn look
  • etched with Futhark runes
  • duo-tone design
  • solid English Pewter
  • hand-cast and polished
  • authentic Alchemy Gothic jewelry


Height: 60mm / 2.4″ Width: 75mm / 3″ Depth: 12 mm / 0.5″

fits on all 1.5″ / 38mm belt straps (available separately)

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