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Goth sphynx cat necklace black by Restyle

18.00 (EU tax incl.)

A goth necklace by Restyle, occult-style sphinx cat shaped pendant with moon crescent cut-out, black chain with ankhs. Design by Euflonica.

What we like about this occult necklace

Sphinx cats, some hate them, we love them, but one thing that’s for sure is that everyone into occult themes and witchcraft will be very fond of this gothic necklace by Restyle. Shaped like th head of a sphinx cat, this necklace pendant features cut-out eyes and moon crescent detail, as well as black chains with ankhs. The necklace was designed by Polish artist Euflonica, and is made from zinc alloy (with black matte finish), so it feels lightweight, and offers incredible value for money. Less expensive alt-jewelry that looks as good is hard to find.


  • Sphynx cat black design by Euflonica
  • cut-out eyes and moon crescent
  • occult themed goth jewelry
  • black matte finish zinc alloy
  • chain with ankh accent
  • necklace made by Restyle
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