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Cat familiar necklace by the Rogue and the Wolf

18.00 (EU tax incl.)

Meow! Every good witch needs a familiar, and what better choice than a black cat? Goth necklace made by the Rogue and the Wolf.

What we like about this goth necklace by the Rogue and the Wolf

We love cats, okay? So that’s a plus. But we also love the combination of modern sleek lines and classic occult symbols, combining witchcraft themes with modern 3D-printing. The Rogue and the Wolf are masters at creating dramatic and distinctive alt-jewelry, and this cute necklace is definitely going to be a favorite with witches small or adult. Did we mention that kitty wears a moon crescent crown? Sooo cute!


  • Cat Familiar necklace by the Rogue and the Wolf
  • stylized black kitty design
  • with moon crescent crown
  • sleek black lines
  • occult inspired jewelry
  • 3D printed in polyamide plastic
  • comes on adjustable gunmetal chain


Pendant: 2.4 x 2.5 cm  / 0.9 x 1 inch
Chain: 36 – 41 cm / 14 – 16 inch

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