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  • Aderlass

    Aderlass is one of the premium brands for gothic clothing in Europe, with over 20 years of experience in authentic and innovative designs for men and women. German quality, great fabrics and solid metal hardware are the hallmark of their clothes, combined with webbing straps and rings. Our online shop stocks a selection of pants, tops and dresses from the classic collection as well as limited edition items.

  • Alchemy Gothic

    Alchemy Gothic is the worldwide leader in jewelry and accessories for the dark scene. For nearly three decades the UK based forges of Alchemy have supplied the gothic scene with constantly innovative jewelry and accessories, classic and timeless necklaces, rings and pendants. In addition to the Alchemy Gothic jewelry line, our shop also stocks the Empire (Victorian steampunk), Romantique Vampiria (fangs!), UL13 (men's tattoo) and UL17 (women's rockabilly) lines.

  • Banned

    Banned is a UK based clothing brand specialized in gothic and alternative apparel, with a strong affinity for rock'n roll infused designs, retro and pin-up charm and pure metal attitude! Founded in 1990 in the fabled Camden Lock stalls of London, Banned is one of the true iconic brands and has been enjoying strong demand during the last years.

  • Black Pistol

    Black Pistol is a brand of male and female goth clothes, brought to you by the same people who design and make Aderlass, Sektor1 and Mode Wichtig. It is an entry-level budget collection with people in mind who want great looks at a more affordable price. If compromises were made on these designs, it certainly was not in looks and attitude; this brand is full of raw punk attitude, darkest gothic black, and metal rage!

  • Hard Leather Stuff

    Hard Leather Stuff are a German manufacturer of gothic coats and jackets for men and women, making genuine leather available at an affordable price. The Saint Inferno, the Van Helsing or the Preacherman coats are all among our customer's favorite designs, and it's no surprise, as the quality is outstanding and the price tag fair. Their designs are also available in wool, cotton or PVC, and our online shop also stocks a selection of tops, pants and skirts that you should not miss.

  • Killstar

    Killstar, the original occult luxury brand, as they call themselves, creates beautiful black and mystical themed fashion for women and men. Their clothing collection included t-shirts, tops and leggings, as well as some really cool dressed that Wednesday Adams would adore! Stay hexed!

  • Kreepsville666

    Kreepsville 666 is our favorite brand of fun and spooky things, playfully blending gore and horror themes in their clothing designs. They without doubt are the funniest of all alternative apparel brands, fully embracing the campy humor often found in old horror and b-movies, but that does not mean that their products are not fashionable or stylish. And besides, who does not love Zombies?

  • Longtime Gothic

    Longtime Gothic is a German brand of clothing and apparel accessories with high quality graphic shirts and a collection of bags in all sizes and shapes.

  • Punk Rave

    Gothic clothing by Punk Rave is modern and dark urban fashion for women and men. Edgy and stylish, their apparel are made with unique details, a rock attitude and best quality fabrics. Fairly new in the dark scene, but already one of the top brands, along Queen of Darkness and Aderlass, both in quality and innovative design.

  • Queen of Darkness

    Queen of Darkness offers modern style gothic clothing, for both men and women. Our shop stocks an exhaustive collection of their best skirts, pants and shirts, as well as coat and jackets, frequently updated with the newest designs. The quality is outstanding and the designs innovative, the reputation as one of the best brands in alternative fashion is entirely justified.

  • Raven SDL

    Raven S.D.L. is a UK based gothic clothing brand, one of the original innovators and creators of the modern dark alternative look. Unique apparel for both men and women, beautifully detailed and of outstanding quality. Our online shop stocks the Raven SDL classic goth apparel line for both women and men, black cotton shirts, pants and skirts detailed with elaborate prints, bondage straps, and metallic rings, as well as the S.D.L. line of cyber wear, and the XS Punk collection of deathrock inspired clothes.

  • Restyle

    Restyle is a European brand of gothic jewelry and accessories with exclusive designs at affordable price. Their new collection of occult and witchcraft inspired necklaces, rings and clothing is not only very popular, it also is affordable compared to many other name-brands. Suitable for all kinds of alternative fashion styles, both goths and metal heads that enjoy dark aesthetics will love Restyle.


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