Gothic industrial clothing by S.D.L. - rubber padding, cyber bodices and more

Raven SDL is a British brand with a long history in the gothic and industrial music scene, as one of their hallmark designs are the famous cyber bodices created nearly two decades ago, a look they created and perfected. Often imitated, never equalled, and still going strong after so many years - the letters S.D.L. are synonymous with heavy stomping industrial beats, electronic melodies and trance-like dance-floors.

UV reactive pipes, rubber padding and rivets that strongly remind of the post-apocalyptic setting of a Mad Max movie, the industrial line of goth clothing by Raven SDL means serious business. The details are strong and unique (bug eye padding, for example), and the quality is outstanding.

Metal and gothic rock bands are frequently seen wearing these clothes on scene, combining durability and unique looks make them very popular among performers, including acrobatic artists and dancers.

Steampunk clothing by Raven SDL

In recent years Raven SDL has introduced a new line of apparel, focused on the popular steampunk culture and scene, and the retro-futuristic designs that are the predominant clothing style: a cross-breed of Victorian era fashion combined with brass and copper machine parts and devices that would feel at home in a Jules Verne novel, or any other 19th century science fiction. It's about the romanticized future as imagined by our ancestors generations ago, complete with anachronistic technologies, and includes also the fashion, the culture, architecture and art.

The most typical invention that represents the spirit of steampunk is the Analytical Engine of Charles Babbage, a polished brass device full of cogs and gears. Tese cogs are one of the key details recurring in the steampunk clothing by Raven SDL. Goth darkness combined with the shiny brass colours of past science fiction.

XS Punk clothing collection

But Raven SDL has a lot more to offer and caters not only to the electronic or steampunk parts of the goth scene, they also have a distinct line of clothing that will appeal to the death rock and batcave fans, the punk roots of our scene, as well as a whole range of classic and contemporary apparel.

Deeply rooted in the punk origins of the gothic scene, this apparel frequently draws on safety pins, patches and frayed seams to create edgy designs with attitude.

Washing and care

Like most gothic clothing brands, Raven SDL recommends dry cleaning or hand washing for most of their apparel. Regular cotton clothing like shirts and t-shirts can be machine washed at low temperature (30°C) and low spinning speed. Items containing metal parts should be washed separately from delicate clothing, or put in a special clothing bag (available for wool clothing, for example). Bondage straps should always be removed whenever possible. Faux-leather items should be cleaned with a damp cloth instead of machine washing, and coats are best taken care of by the dry-cleaners.

A selection of customer favourites and best-selling clothes

Please allow us to present you some of the most popular apparel of this brand, favourite clothing among our customers and all-time best sellers in our online shop. Some are recent designs and fairly new in our shop, others have been long-time classics that have established themselves over the years, but all have unique features that set them apart from any other clothing, by any other brand.

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