Aderlass is a German brand of gothic clothing with a long history in the dark scene, going back nearly two decades. With a solid reputation as innovators and always bringing best quality to the customer, Aderlass offers customers in search of quality a great value for their money, and a choice from three different apparel lines for both men and women: Aderlass, Mode Wichtig and Black Pistol

Available collections:


Aderlass is the main line of goth clothing, with apparel for men and women that heavily focuses on the use of metal hardware and bondage straps in their designs. Solid black cotton fabric, with webbing belt elements, and solid metal rings, d-rings and rivets are the main design elements.

This clothing pays tribute to the punk roots of the gothic scene by incorporating many of the elements and looks made popular by Malcolm McLarren and the bondage pants as worn by the Sex Pistols. The men's skirts and pants by Aderlass are favorites among customers.

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Black Pistol

Black Pistol is the newest line of goth clothing made by Aderlass, with young people on a limited budget in mind. Most apparel by the name-brands of the gothic scene have a price tag that might prove challenging for the wallet of young peope. This is why Aderlass had introduced a "budget" line, wild, unique looking but affordable. Just like the more expensive Aderlass line, Black Pistol clothing is made from black cotton fabric mainly, a lighter fabric, with a little less metal details, but with 100% pure and uncompromising attitude. Black to the core!

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