Queen of Darkness is one of the most prominent European gothic clothing brands, with a history that traces back to the 90's, when the company founders were selling their own designs at various goth festivals in Europe. Demand for their apparel and accessories have grown ever since, with goth retail ond online shops (like ours) stocking their products since 2003.

Queen of Darkness never forgot their roots and origins and to this day enjoy the direct customer contact at their festival stands, which is also as a source of inspiration for new designs.

Goth clothing by Queen of Darkness is fashion with an edge and an uncompromising punk attitude, combining high quality with daring and bold details that make every piece unique. The unique designs involve a perfect combination of mesh and sheer fabric, allied with safety-pins, metallic hooks and rings, straps and vintage skull prints.

There are clothes for every style, from the understated black elegance that will perfectly blend in with an office work environment, or wild and over-the-top shirts for the extravagant, like the popular detached-sleeve styles we stock.

Our online shop offers apparel for women and men hand-picked from the newest collection as well as choice pieces from the classic lines, and we continually add new things, expanding the selection available to our customer. Let us present you some of our all-time favorites:

Gothic clothing for men by Queen of Darkness, all authentic and unique designs and solid quality

Queen of Darkness has a nice selection of men's clothing for both modern and classic styles, casual apparel for the day-to-day goth life, or really wild and extravagant clothes for partying hard or rocking the pit at music festivals. We even stock a slew of subtle designs for those of us who need to adapt their goth look to a corporate work environment!

Men's long-sleeve and short sleeve tops, shirts and button-downs

What we love about the Queen of Darkness tops and shirts for men is the diversity of details they work into every design; every piece truly looks unique, even the 'simple' clothes. Strap and buckle details are always popular, just like skull prints and rivet details, and let's not forget the detached sleeves, which are a favorite among our customers, all over the globe.

Our shop also stocks a selection of button-down shirts which Queen of Darkness makes with uniques shapes and cuts; these shirts are often among our best-sellers, so we encourage everyone to have a look, you're likely to fall in love with some new goth clothing.

Men's pants, skirts and kilts

Queen of Darkness makes some of the best quality pants and men's skirts we ever stocked in our shop, long-lasting, great fabric and comfortable to wear. Every design, even the basics, have details that make them unique. Like the unique double-zipper feature of the Darkness Within pants, or the black stretch jeans covered in elastic straps, every pair looks special and has beautiful details you will love.

We also would encourage our male customers to give some of the awesome men's skirts a try, they look majestic and awe-inspiring, feel great to wear, and are a great alternative to more classic pants. And you will love the freedom and breathable comfort during summer months. Give it a try, you will thank us.

Goth jackets and leather coats

We also stock a selection of outerwear by Queen of Darkness, and like all their gothic clothing, they took great care to make sure quality is outstanding and that every piece has unique details that sets it apparat from other apparel by other brands.

The selection of goth clothing we stock ranges from vintage military jacket designs to long black coats the Cenobites would be happy to wear, and in between those extremes we have a range of modern jackets perfect for daily wear.

Goth clothes for women by Queen of Darkness, our shop's top brand for authentic and unique apparel

What we love about the women's clothing collection is the way Queen of Darkness combines unique elements and details with comfortable wear and flattering silhouettes. They understand how to accent the feminine side and sensuality while making goth clothing that is great to wear. Combinations of different high-quality fabrics, solid metal hardware and accessories, Queen of Darkness women's clothing is among the best available, worldwide.

Short and long sleeve tops, shirts, blouses and button-downs

Many different styles of women's tops are available from the Queen of Darkness brand of gothic clothing, ranging from classic short-sleeve tees to luxurious and sensual bustiers.

But the one feature most of our customers favor are special sleeves, be it mesh sleeves or the very popular detachable-sleeves feature. Of course every women's top has unique details, a variety of different high-quality fabrics and often metal hardware and parts.

Women's skirts and miniskirts

While the guys have a clear advantage when it comes to choice of pants, we do our best to compensate the ladies by offering a quality selection of unique and beautiful skirts and miniskirts. And Queen of Darkness is one of our premium clothing brands, so it is no surprise that their skirts are often the prefered choice of our customers.

Goth girl's jackets and leather coats

Skirts and t-shirts are always enjoyable to wear, but sometimes weather just calls for something warmer, and luckily Queen of Darkness has that base also covered, with a selection of beautiful women's jacket.

This brand offers premium quality gothic clothing, and their jackets are no exception: top finishing, comfortable wear, unique details, solid hardware, perfect fit. Our online shop stocks a selection of women's jackets suitable for cold weather, but we have also picked a couple of designs ideal for the transitional weather of spring and autumn months.

Goth accessories - get items matching your outfit and complete your look

Of course no outfit is ever complete without the right accessories, they are essential to properly valorize apparel, no matter how awesome your gothic clothing might look on its own - accessories are going to take it to the next level.

Gothic gloves and arm warmers

A staple of many different goth style and looks are gloves and arm warmers, which Queen of Darkness also makes in all sizes and shapes, always with great attention to detail and quality. Black cotton, velvet or satin, with drawstrings, laces or buckle and straps, we stock a variety of different looks and styles suitable for all types of goth clothing.

Miscellaneous accessories

The Queen of Darkness brand of accessories also encompasses a selection of gothic handbags and (faux-) leather bracelets to complement their clothing, a great addition to complete you look and valorize all style of apparel. Or maybe a beautiful feather fang, perfect for all classic romantic outfits - or simply enjoying a breeze of fresh air!


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