Alchemy Gothic, creators of legendary jewelry

Alchemy was started in 1977 by Geoff Kayson and Trevor Philipson, two self-taught designers and model makers from Manchester. They set out to conquer the world with their imaginative products and outstanding quality. And have been creating collectible giftware and rock’n roll merchandise in their workshop in Leicester ever since.

Over the three decades of innovation and continuous expansion of the Alchemy universe and it s symbols and background have yielded a tremendous collection of finest gothic jewelry and lifestyle accessories; the Alchemy Gothic collection, and more recently the UL13 retro tattoo and rock jewelry collection, as well as UL17, the all-girls collection for ladies with attitude!

Alchemy Gothic- classic line of jewelry

Alchemy Gothic jewelry and lifestyle accessories are made from high quality materials; like fine English pewter, and elaborately ornate, often with high quality crystals (like Swarovski) and other components (two-tone finish, enamel, inlays, hand-plated,...).

The range of jewelry goes from the classic gothic ankh to sophisticated lace chokers and everything in between. Every single item is made with love to detail and has a unique background story, adding to the charm and mystery of Alchemy Gothic jewelry.

UL13 - vintage tattoo and rock jewelry

UL13 is Alchemy Gothic's brand new tattoo and rock inspired range of male jewelry. It features popular vintage designs revolving around gambling cards, sailor tattoos, pin-ups and lady luck.

Highly detailed finish and stylish, the UL13 collection ranges from rings and necklaces to belt buckles, petrol lighters and wallet chains. Massive attitude for all dark rockers out there, guaranteed!

UL17 - all-girls retro tattoo jewelry

Inspired by the tremendous success of the UL13 collection, UL17 is the all-girls version on timeless classic tattoo and rock jewelry with a retro and vintage flair! Like all Alchemy Gothic products, UL17 jewelry is designed and made in the UK workshops with inimitable quality and attention to detail.

In their own words, this edgy saints and sinners collection is literally sprinkled with crystallized Swarovski elements and stunning enamel. Girls, wear your attitude on the outside with these pretties!

Metal Wear - old-school rock and metal jewelry

The original line of jewelry Alchemy Gothic launched in 1984 was rock merchandise licensed by some of the most popular metal and rock bands of the day.

And in 2012 Alchemy has decided to revive this jewelry line and bring back the old-school attitude by issuing a whole new series of hand-made and high-quality designs, which we of course stock too.

Alchemy Empire - Victorian steampunk

Steampunk is the hottest new trend in the European scene. A steadily growing elite of adepts, wearing the retro-futuristic elements Jules Verne imagined in his groundbreaking novels. The future like it was imagined in the past involves wires, cogs, steam-powered machines. And all sorts of cryptic dials encased in bronze and copper.

The Alchemy Empire collection of steampunk jewelry is a must-have for all time-traveling Gentlemen and Dames of the Victorian era. Galvanic, transcending, magnetic and visionary are the best words to describe these beautifully crafted masterpieces.

According to official Alchemy lore:

Alchemy 'Steampunk' designs revolve around Ezekiel Empire Rosentein's (or 'EER', Victorian 'descendant' to the original 18th century Dr von Rosenstein) incredible Galvanic Matter Transportation System for 'pronto mass remotion' - the earliest known 'teleporter', or 'three-dimensional fax machine'! Known as the 'GMT', this sensational invention was sadly, completely lost to science. However, from a combination of surviving fragments, anecdotal evidence and recently found early drawings, Alchemy Gothic have reconstructed several of Rosenstein GMT's principle elements.

Romantique Vampiria - vampire jewelry for twilight creatures

The vampire scene dates back to the beginnings of goth, but has experienced a huge surge in popularity in the wake of the Edwardian twilight. Both veterans of the Black Veil and newly fanged boys and girls will love the Romantique Vampiria line of gothic jewelry by Alchemy; full of subtle allusions and hints at the vampiric nature of their bearer.

Alchemy Gothic clothing & apparel

High quality cotton shirts, long-sleeves and hoodies with prints and designs taken from the vast art library of the Alchemy Gothic workshop. The clothes feature some of the most popular characters and themes that are also being used in the world's most famous goth jewelry. Often imitated but never equaled (not even close).


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