It's here, and the wait was worth the while: the brand new jewelry collection by the Rogue and the Wolf is now available in our online shop, and it's gorgeous. Keeping up their trademark style of combining occult and arcane symbols with sleek minimalist lines, the rings and necklaces from this collection combine tradition with modern design. They are still made through state-of-art 3D-printing technology, which is cool because the result is lightweight jewelry that is comfortable to wear, especially during summer months, and yet it is solid.

Also new with this collection is the introduction of the White Witch, whose backstory permeates and infuses every design. The witchcraft theme inspired many of the ring and necklace designs, some of which are shaped like potions and magic ingredients, which we enjoy, because it makes these items more than beautiful goth jewelry - they have a story to tell.

Additionally the rings, in typical Rogue and the Wolf manner, are available as regular or midi ring, so you have more options for your fingers, and can even combine two and wear them on the same digit. Nice!

Finally, we would like to add that this is possibly the best jewelry collection the Rogue and the Wolf have released (yet), and we wholeheartedly invite you to have a good look. Of course all pieces are in stock in our online shop and available for immediate shipping.