We have been stocking goth accessories and jewelry by Restyle for many years now, and we always liked the fact that they are creative and come up with unique designs. That, and the fact that they are making really pretty designs at a very attractive price. Goth fashion can be expensive, and especially for younger newcomers to our scene, the price tag can be discouraging. So it's nice to have a brand like Restyle who make innovative stuff AND make it affordable for smaller budgets.

So yeah, we've liked Restyle for a long time. But with their new, occult inspired collection, they've really hit a new level. Dark and occult themes have enjoyed strong popularity in the goth scene for a few years now, and even mainstream (see American Horror Story - Coven), but it often feels like someone slapped cliché symbols on some threads and call it a day. Not Restyle. If you look at their designs, you will see that they "get it", their moon crescent necklaces and witchcraft dresses are made with genuine love for this style.

Which makes us happy to stock it in our online shop.

Because we only sell items we truly believe in, and the occult jewelry and clothing collection by Restyle? We can recommend wholeheartedly!

Have a look for yourself!