Killstar is one of alt clothing brands that is rapidly growing in popularity, and rightfully so. Their innovative style of goth and occult themed clothing with a twisted splash of dark humor has often been copied, but they are by far the best at what they're doing. As impressively proven with this latest collection of women's clothing, featuring classic styles revisited as well as completely new and unique takes. Also, we love the handbook bags and wallets inspired by the Beetlejuice movie, among other things. Brilliant.

This time around we're exclusively stocking new apparel for the ladies. but don't worry lads, men's clothing will arrive soon, too. In the meantime we invite you to check out the gorgeous women's jackets that have arrived in our shop, a beautiful match with the new leggings or skinny jeans. And, our all-time favorite, the "allergic to bullshit" cardigan. An item we wholeheartedly endorse here at The Black Angel shop.

Have fun everyone, stay dark, and prepare for some more goodness coming your way soon!