Old-school goth

Death rock fashion

Our model is 168cm / 61kg and wears size S/M

We love the original deathrock / batcave look of the gothic scene, with it's clear and present punk inspiration paired with a healthy helping of darkness. It's a fun, free and untamed style for nonconformists who like to have a good time with their inner demons. It's the non-serious side of goth, which is why we had an absolute blast shooting these photos with German model Ms Virus.

For this outfit, we chose the amazing pentagram leggings by UK clothing brand Banned. It's form flattering and super comfy, you can wear it while doing some lazy lounging on the couch, or you can wear it to raise hell at the club. We combined these leggings with one of the new Raven SDL tops, from their retro-collection. Raven SDL is one of the original clothing brands of the UK goth scene, they have helped shape and define the fashion style of the scene, so it doesn't get any more authentic than this. It features a black and red cross application, with a winged skull, and white outside seams in true tradition of the punk style.

We then completed the look with a traditional leather belt with spikes and large rings, a must-have accessory back in the early days. And between us, we think it's actually a timeless design, it's just as edgy today as it was in the 80's. We added a cross pendant by Alchemy Gothic, featuring red enamel and a black rose accent that color-match the rest of the outfit. And for good measure, we picked a vintage top hat, which unfortunately is not for sale, as it is the photographer's own.