Gothic rock and steampunk outfit

Our model is 178cm / 82kg and wears size L

Sicki Antihero is a true non-conformist and rebel, mixing a classic gothic and dark rock scene affinity with full contact mixed martial arts, a profound love for tattoos and piercings, and a love for the Venice Beach skate-metal sounds of Suicidal Tendencies! Very unusual, and clearly Sicki does not care for conventions and rules. So it's not surprise that for this shooting he picked his outfits from styles that are usually not intended for matching, but brilliantly pulls of to create a punk-rock-dandy look that works great.

The first piece of clothing he picked were the black denim jeans with straps, by Queen of Darkness. He loved the stretchy feel of the fabric, which makes these pants super comfortable to wear, with absolute no restriction in movement. Our model did not go full-on Jean-Claude van Damme, but he did thoroughly stretch and test the limits of the pants, and was duly impressed. Next he went for our brand new Raven SDL top, made from two semi-transparent layers of black mesh, and slashed on the front. He loved the punk vibe, but wanted to add some class, so he went and grabbed one of the leather-look steampunk vests, also by Raven SDL.

To complete the look, he picked a necklace matching his numerous occult tattoos - "give me the skull with the horns, that guy looks like he belongs on my body"! He also picked the Rabeschadel belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic, which is shaped like a crow's skull and has a nicely dark and mysterious aura, without looking over the top.

And if you want to crank up the rock-attitude by a notch, simply add some sleek black leather force bracelets.