We make finding the right gift for your beloved one easy with our tongue-in-cheek guide based on gothic archetypes as found in popular culture. This valentine's day, you will have an extraordinary gift for the extraordinary women in your life, starting with affordable accessories for those of us on a budget, and gorgeous clothing for those who want to gift a little bit more. So browse our guide, find out which type of goth women matches your beloved one, and get inspired for the perfect Valentine's gift 2016! Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams

The stern matriarch of the Addams family is the quintessential gothic women, the mother of all things dark and deadly. Morticia is a lady of suave elegance and impeccable style. The most important thing to remember when trying to please a Morticia is that she is not a girl, she is a woman. So you need a gift that flatters both her femininity and strong personality. Like the Conjuring maxi dress by Killstar, a long black hooded robe brimming with sensuality and occult flair.

We also think Morticia would strongly approve the occult-infused and ll-black jewelry by The Rogue + The Wolf, like the moonrise necklace or the Hecate ring. Or maybe one of the beautiful black roses by Alchemy Gothic? Just remember to cut off the buds and keep only the stems, because that's how Morticia likes her flowers.

Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz, the poet and artist, the lover of all things paranormal. In her own words she is strange and unusual, but she's not a flashy girl, her style is dark and serious. We would recommend a gift that reflects her sensitive and artistic side, as well as her pragmatism. The magic purse by Alchemy Gothic is a convenient and cute bag, a practical gift with a subtle supernatural design. It is not over the top, but definitely unique, just like Lydia Deetz.

You might also want to consider the skull and roses top by Banned, it has a sweet and gentle look, if it wasn't for the skull and roses print, or the skull cut-out in the back. Subtle, but dark. And in tribute to Beetlejuice himself, we would also like to suggest the striped long-sleeve top by Punk Rave, the assymetric neck, stripes and cut-outs are reminiscent of the disheveled look of the freelance scaremeister!

Gothic sweater by KillstarSiouxie Sioux

The only real person in this guide, Siouxie Sioux pioneered the gothic look by combining black clothing, fishnet and fetish attire with her trademark cat-eye make-up. The acclaimed singer and frontwoman of Siouxie and the Banshees or The Creatures was always bold and provocative in her attire, even political, out to shock the bourgeiosie, but not matter how wild her styling was, there was always glamour. With a look rooted depply in the old-school batcave style, we would recommend the knitted fishnet top by Queen of Darkness or the destroyed cardigan by Punk Rave, with chains and spikes details. We also recommend matching these tops with the Wicked leggings by Killstar, beautifully printed with occult symbols that will shock the establishment.

Abby Sciuto

The beloved perky goth from the hit show NCIS is proof that sometimes, just sometimes, mainstream media does get it and does not resort to the typical clichés to portray a character that is part of the dark scene. Quirky, friendly and fond of all dark things that are fun, Abby's clothing style is both functional but distinctive, blending modern gothic clothing with punk and fetish accents. Plateau boots, knitted sweaters and always spike bracelets and leather chokers are her trademark look. So if you want to make your Abby happy, you can either get her a lifetime supply of Caf-Pow, or you can get here one of the gorgeous Killstar knitted sweaters or some of the high-quality spike chokers and bracelets by Style-X.

Bellatrix Lestrange

So we're not insuating that your beloved is a paranoid and cruel witch with a fondness for torture and death magic, but if she's a Bellatrix, she surely is a lady of style and elegance. Bellatrix, born Black, comes from a wealthy family which reflects in her oppulent wardrobe, despite a slighty disheveled look after a decade spent in Azkaban. Long flowing sleeves, waist cinchers and chokers are a good choice, and you can't go wrong with black lace.Doll Dress by Killstar

If Madame Lestrange were to enter our shop, the first item we'd show her is the carabiner hook skirt by Queen of Darkness, which can be worn long or draped. We would then complete the look with the Queen of Darkness tail-top, because it combines class and elegance with distressed details. A true Lady like Bellatrix would of course also wear the black lace gloves by Punk Rave, and put her status on display with a luxurious choker, like the Dogaressa design by Alchemy Gothic. Please notice the small skull accents on the necklace, which a Death Eater and true follower of Lord Voldemort would surely appreciate.

Lisbeth Salander

The girl with the dragon tattoo is a strong personality, an rebel and outsider that does not care about integrating. Her style mixes darkness with punk rock attitude, featuring distressed denim, black leather jackets, chains and spikes and of course skulls. Lisbeth is rready to kick ass and looks hot while doing so, so it's no surprise that the leading alternative jewelry brand, Alchemy Gothic, made a necklace in her name - a brutal looking brass-knuckle pendant that the Lisbeth from the novels would love. Match it with the destroyed skinny jeans by Punk Rave, the Killstar Kittygram vest (or the Revenge is Sweet top) and the cool faux-leather jacket by Queen of Darkness, and you've got the Salander look down pat. 

Wednesday Addams

We were hesitant to add two Addams to this list, but let's be honnest, no list about goth archetypes in popular culture without Wednesday Addams. Her mother might be the ultimate gothic women, but Wedensday is the scary teenage girl we all secretly had a crush on (come on, admit it!). She is iconic in her own right, so it's not a surprise Killstar named a dress after her. So if you have a Wednesday in your life, there is but one thing you should offer her, and that is this dress. Or a homicidal maniac costume. Just make sure that whatever your gift is, that it's neither sharp nor poisonous. Thinking about it, you should play it safe and get her a gothic dress and be her devoted slave, so that she can ca pity you. Because that's what Wednesday does.