Fashion blogger Rachel Stinson is our guest this month, and the decided to write about the struggles of finding the perfect jacket. She has compiled her years of shopping advice into these seven practical tips to help you make an informed decision when shopping online.

Winter is finally here and with it comes the dilemma. What to wear that will keep you warm and make you look good, all at the same time. It is possible because I believe that we live in a world where we can have it all. Every season has its own little battles. In winter, the hardest battle is mastering the art of buying a perfect jacket that will compliment your build, style and showcase your personality. Clothes for men and women vary but jackets are mostly gender neutral.

Finding the perfect jacket is not easy. It is a difficult task, but using these helpful tips can make it a lot easier. I have compiled seven essential tips that you should consider before buying a jacket that is best for you:

1. Look for quality

Quality matters. So, while looking for a perfect jacket, you need to look for quality. Read every label carefully. Sometimes, clothes that are advertised to be made out of “wool” are actually made of cheap acrylics, nylon and spandex. Polyester will not keep you warm in winters. It will also make your sweat stink like funky feet. Make sure to turn every rock in order to find your dream jacket.

2. Figure out your body type

You need to be well aware of your body type while looking for a jacket that will fit you perfectly and compliment your every curve. You need to have an accurate idea about your build and what you are looking for. Most people know their body types while some don’t have any idea. If you fall in the second category, you can enter your measurements in the body shape calculators or you can tell them to the guides and they can assist you in finding the perfect jacket for your specific body type.

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3. Pockets are essential

When buying a jacket, look for pockets. A jacket without pockets is like happy hour without chocolate and drinks. Believe it or not, pockets are important. No matter how perfect your jacket is, you will rue the day you bought one without pockets when you are fighting your way through snow and you have nowhere to tuck your hands whether you are wearing gloves or not.

4. Prioritize warmth over trends

You can probably get through December with your in and out trendy jackets. Maybe, you can convince yourself that you can pass through January as well but by the time, February rolls around. There is no fashion trend on earth that can make you warm when the temperature is still below zero and you freeze to your bones every time you go out. A perfect jacket is the one that will keep you warm through the cold but will also make you look stylish.

5. Look for a breathe-able fabric

Make sure that the fabric of your jacket breathes. If you are going to be active all day, you need a jacket with a membrane that allows your perspiration to escape while insulating you from the harsh cold and won’t accumulate your sweat in the jacket leaving you wet and cold.

6. Have enough room to wear layers underneath

We all know how ridiculously cold it gets. It should go without saying that you need to have enough room underneath your jacket to accommodate the extra layers. Inevitably, all the layers will twist in different directions. So, not having enough room is the most uncomfortable thing ever and it also leaves you feeling like a stuffed turkey. Jackets with enough room are comfortable and flattering as well.

7. Be patient

If you are going to find the perfect jacket, you really need to see all the jackets in every possible retail store, which is going to take a lot of time and patience. Patience is not only important in biding your time, but in trawling through the avalanche of jackets retailers are throwing at you. But trust me, finding the perfect jacket will be worth the hassle. A quality jacket will last you a year in and year out. It is as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans, pants or a little black dress for a night out. It is okay to invest a little extra in buying a jacket as unlike most trend-based items, jackets last more than one season. The beauty of finding the perfect jacket is that once you have found it, you probably won’t need to look for another one for a really long time.


About the author

Author Rachel Stinson

Rachel Stinson writes to us from remote Dubai, and has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences.

She expertly analyzes trends with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner regarding her favorite fashion spots in Dubai, like CREORoom or eLabelz.