We're tempted to say "green is the new black", but the late Peter Steele already knew that. But this time we're not talking about the color, but environment friendly fashion. Because goth isn't all gloom and doom or death and decay, sometimes it's about change and making things better, like making clothing for the goth and metal scene that looks badass and is responsible.

Eco-friendly fashion, organic fairtrade cotton

So we're particularly proud to present you the first Supernova Cult shirt collection, all hand-printed with water-based colors, on high-quality tops by Spiral Direct or Neutral. Neutral is a Danish brand specialized in organic fairtrade textiles, pesticide free and made as environment friendly as possible: for example, they use sugar-water to encourage ants to protect the cotton plants, instead of using chemicals. They also use alternative energy for a CO2 neutral production. In addition to being certified green, the t-shirts are great quality and feel good on the skin, and on your conscience.

Goth and occult t-shirt designs

But it's not only about doing something good for the planet, after all, if you're paying good money for clothing, it ought to look good. And these shirts do look good. Every piece is hand-printed, with high-quality water-based colors, so they are very skin-friendly, with low chemical impact. The screen-printing technique used makes the motives look distressed and faded, and is machine-wash resistant. The designs are inspired by the occult, horror and myths - and of course also features tongue-in-cheek dark humor.