Summers can give a hard time to the gothic culture fandom out there. It must be a real ordeal to dress your genre and style outfits using black, avoiding melting down simultaneously. Winters allow you to play and experiment with multiple layers of clothing and accessories. Summers offer no such luxury; not the least to gothic lovers.

Worry not! Apparel lines such as CREORoom are beyond compassionate when considering the likes of their customers. They include fashion from all genres in their stores and sell entire looks, rather than just clothes. Luckily for gothic lovers, there is plenty in store for the summer season! Let’s break some of those rocking outfit ideas to you!

1. Cotton is King

Nothing will make your day under the scorching sun and piercing heat than finding a cotton T-shirt that takes the shape of your body while letting in air at the same time. A cotton shirt with a floral lace; even better! Cotton allows for ventilation and gives an edgy stature to the body, hence cotton is king.

Women's long-sleeve top by Spiral Direct

(printed women's top by Spiral Direct, combining cotton with lace sleeves and insets)

2. Shred All You Can

One upside to gothic outfits is that you can practice tearing and shredding your clothes apart and end up with a perfectly trendy masterpiece. Get hold of a scissors and black jeans and tear it as you please! Not only will you end up with raggedy, gothic jeans, but also it will keep you cool and aerated.

Slashed black denim jeans

(the slashed women's jeans feature stretchy denim fabric that feels comfortable to wear)

3. Goth is Not All Black All the Time

Sometimes, allow for color to give off an intimidating, chic vibe; dark purple, silver, and red are as much gothic as black. You can pair them with a black jeans or accessories.

Punk inspired alt fashion by Queen of Darkness

(when goth pays tribute to the punk roots and batcave days)

4. Go Sleeveless

Sleeveless tops are girls’ all-time favorite summer wear. In gothic fashion, going sleeveless adds a certain upbeat attitude to your entire outlook; one that would make faces turn to take a second look.

2-in-1 women's top by Spiral Direct

(get the popular 2-in-1 look with this sleeveless Spiral Direct top)

5. Endorse Slits

Dresses with slits have the luxury of being trendy and summer-convenient all at the same time. What more could one want from gothic fashion?!

Gothic dress by Queen of Darkness

(gothic dress by Queen of Darkness, with black on black print)

6. Go Graphic Tees

A cool, black Tee with a message or graphic painted on it will serve just right in conducting your mood and personality to others around you. Make a statement with a gothic message printed on a T-shirt, this summer.

Women's goth t-shirt 100% organic cotton

(graphic goth t-shirt from the Supernova Cult clothing collection - 100% organic and fairtrade cotton)

7. Leather Rules

Gothic fashion makes extensive use of leather and leather-look, be it summer or winter. Get a quirky leather bag and top it on your summer outfits to instantly stand out among the crowd.

Leather-look handbag by Queen of Darkness

(stylish and convenient accessory, this bag is made from veggie-leather)

8. Maximize on Lace

A delicate black lace is a genuine entry into the gothic community. It gives off a feel which is subtle and authoritative at the same time. Adding layers upon layers of lace to a short skirt will keep your legs from tanning and won’t make you feel stuffy either.

Penoze skirt by Sinister clothing

(burlesque and cabaret inspired skirt from the Penoze collection by Sinister clothing)

Get imaginative and experiment with anything and everything gothic you get your hands on this summer, keeping the focus on wearing something that you can breathe in as well as give off your gothic vibe with.

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