Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, filled with ghouls, goblins, vampires, scary stories and horror movies marathons, and lots of candies and sweet treats. No surprise it's the favorite season of the year for many of us. Many non-goths come to our store every year looking for something great to wear as a costume, but don't know what to chose. So this year, we will lend you a helping hand by suggesting a few costume ideas, complete outfits that you can buy from our store, clothes, accessories and all. If you are tired of the same old cheap costumes found at regular Halloween stores and want to indulge in a really unique and high quality outfit, you have come to the right place.

So welcome, ladies and gentlemen, please allow us to present our take on some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas:

1. The modern Vampire

We all imagine vampires like they look in a Roman Polanski movie or something from Hammer featuring Christopher Lee, but let's be honest, in the 21st century, that kind of attire is a sure way to draw attention. Not very good for the masquerade, right? No, the modern vampire would have a sleek and elegant style, dark, subtle.

Our recommendation for dressing like a modern stylish vampire would be a black lock card shirt by Aderlass, a sleek black design with two small chrome buckles at the chest, worn together with the zip and strap pants by Punk Rave - they have a beautiful shiny finishing that make them look unique, as well as some very cool pull tabs featuring skulls and fangs.
Complete the look with a mid-length jacket, like the car coat by Queen of Darkness, it has a very distinguished look worthy of a true dandy vampire. Add a distinctive finishing touch to your look by choosing a vampire necklace, for example the Death of a Vampire design by Alchemy Gothic, or the Drakula Gem bat necklace by Restyle. And if you feel like adding a little bit of cocky attitude to the whole, how about wearing the Bite Me belt buckle by Alchemy?

As further accessories we recommend black leather shoes, and if you need great fangs, contact Father Sebastiaan at Sabertooth for some custom fangs, they're exceptional quality.

Car coat   Lock cardy shirt by Aderlass   Gothic pants by Punk Rave   Death of a Vampire necklace by Alchemy Gothic   Drakuly bat necklace   Bite Me belt buckle

2. Lillith, the vampire queen

Lillith, Queen of the Vampires, a popular costume idea for Halloween. But what does she wear? According to HBO's True Blood, nothing at all, but even though that would be a very cheap costume, it wouldn't be terribly practical, would it? Instead, we picture our Vampire Queen to wear elegant and playful clothing inspired by old London aristocracy, with a hint of mystery and decidedly femme fatale.

And what's more mysterious than a hooded cloak? So that's the first pick on our list of must-have items, the beautiful velvet cape by Sinister, it will look gorgeous together with the puff-sleeve top and the flowing skirt, made from multiple layers of organza and velvet. The short sleeves on the top are great for combining with some elegant opera gloves, and the sweetheart neck is the perfect opportunity to wear the delicate Black Dahlia choker by Alchemy Gothic, with a large black flower and skull detail. Last but not least, the mandatory accessory for a femme fatale, a feather fan by Queen of Darkness.

Hooded cape   Gothic velvet top for women   Black organza skirt by Sinister   Gothic opera gloves   Black Dahlia choker by Alchemy Gothic   Feather fan with tassle

3. The Vampire Hunter

Of course for Halloween there is a slew of vampires running around, ranging from Lestat to sparkly Edward, and anything in between (that includes you, Bill Compton!), so wouldn't it be fun to join the opposing team? In past years we had the Blade armor bodice and the the black coat with red lining from the first movie, so this year we're going for the classic Van Helsing vampire hunter style.

The most memorable piece of clothing from the movie was Van Helsing's incredible duster coat - which we happen to have, a beautiful leather design! We also have a pair of matching leather pants, durable and cool looking, definitely something you'd want to wear while chasing fangers. Add the distressed men's top with Punk Rave, with frayed neck and sleeve endings, and you too can sport that rugged look typical for a vampire hunter. Last but not least, to make your Halloween costume truly memorable, you need the right accessories: we suggest the leather force bracelets, great for looking manly AND fending of bloodsuckers, and also the Heart of Darkness necklace by Alchemy Gothic, showing a staked vampire heart, complete on bead necklace! And to add an extra-layer of grim, proudly wear the Gestald skull belt buckle. Now you'll look truly fearsome for trick or treating!

Recommended accessories: stake, crucifix, garlic

Van Helsing duster coat   Skull shirt by Punk Rave   Hard Leather Stuff pants   Vampire necklace by Alchemy Gothic   Leather force bracelet   Gestald belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic

4. The Dominatrix

Sexy Halloween costumes are very popular among adults, but most look cheap, and seriously, aren't you bored of the same old nurse /co-ed / police women routine? Ladies, if you want to look sexy, why not feel empowered? Disguise yourself as a dark dominatrix, and take control. We have just the right gothic clothing to make you look the act, and guarantee you a fun and delightful evening.

Start with this backless minidress by Queen of Darkness, it is short, flattering and comfortable, but also looks wicked cool with the rivet details at the shoulders. Next, add one of the awesome leather corsets by Slacks, they are high-quality steel-bone designs that will flatter your shape, improve your posture and are comfortable enough to wear the entire evening. improve the authoritarian look of your outfit by adding these rivet gloves by Queen of Darkness, some leather bracelets and a leather choker with spikes: aggressive, sexy, brave. We also recommend wearing boots together with the incredible faux-leather spats by RQ-BL, your legs will look stunning. Make the boys beg!

Recommended accessories: high-heel boots, whip, confident attitude

Gothic dress   Leather corset by Slacks   Leather spats by RQ-BL   Dominatrix gloves   Leather choker   Spike bracelet

5. Post-apocalyptic Mad Max villain

With the new Mad Max reboot around the corner (it looks very promising, too), the post-apocalyptic road warrior look will certainly be popular for next Halloween. But how about already looking like a member of the horde now, before it becomes cool and mainstream? We have just the right combination of apparel and accessories for you.

The central part of this outfit is the Devilock Ultra cyber bodice by Raven SDL, which we combine with some cool bondage strap pants by Queen of Darkness, with frayed black patch applications. Next we recommend wearing a plain black tank top under the bodice, so you can wear the straps and rivets gloves, together with spike bracelets and choker. And because the barren and scorched deserts is the home of a true cyber road warrior, protective respirator masks and spike cyber goggles are absolutely necessary. Plus, they look wicked cool and awe-inspiring, for added bonus.

Recommended accessory: 1973 XB GT Ford "Interceptor" (sold separately) ;-)

Mad Max cyber bodice   Gothic pants by Queen of Darkness   Halloween costume gloves   Cyber respirator mask   Shrapnel cyber goggles   Leather choker with spikes

6. Lord of Steam

Fire up your generators with the electrifying Lord of Steam look, the Victorian Gentleman and mad scientist... steampunk subculture has been very popular the last years, but the custom clothing and accessories often on display are prohibitively expensive, or require a lot of DIY skills and creativity. Fortunately there are affordable alternatives, as both Raven SDL and Alchemy Gothic have released steampunk inspired clothing and accessories that will allow you to dress as a steam-powered Victorian explorer for Halloween this year.

First, we would like to recommend the Ordo Machinalis shirt by Raven SDL, a black cotton long-sleeve button down with faux-leather applications and cog details. The dangling chain detail makes it look like what a highly decorated Lord of Steam would wear at the Royal Academy. Of course you can enhance that by adding some steampunk medals by Alchemy Gothic, like the Occult Industrial Star, the Ignoble Gallantry Award, or the Temeritas Wings, symbol of the bold and brave. Match this with the black drawstrings pants by Aderlass, put on some leather boots, and you are ready to go. And don't forget your Electro Magnetic Chamber necklace, no self-respecting steamer would leave the house without it!

Recommended accessories: monocle, mustache, British accent

Steampunk shirt by Raven SDL   Aderlass loop jeans   Occult Industrial Star by Alchemy Gothic   Ignoble Galantry Award by Alchemy Gothic   Temeritas Waings by Alchemy Gothic   Electo Magnetic Chamber steampunk necklace