Something Clever started out in 2011, and like so many rock bands before them, honed their skills by playing covers of songs they love. "The band started with myself and a couple friends from high school." tells Kelly Flusk when asked about how they all met. Band members changed as the band grew to different levels, before settling on the current line-up. "I knew Adam and Brett (vocalist and guitarist) because they had been in a different local band. Colt (bass) was just a friend that I had on facebook....and we just got a new drummer, Justin, which we first met online."

Adam, vocalist for Something CleverAs the band quickly grew in experience and closer knit, the cover songs were dropped from the playlist and were replaced by original material. "We weren't a cover band very long as soon after our first couple shows we incorporated original songs we were finishing. Before we knew it our whole set was original music and we were recording albums." 

Was the transition difficult? "We just phased out the covers as we wrote more and more original music. Personally when I started writing music I just looked at the structures of different songs and came up with my own parts. It was an easy transition." smiles Kelly.

And we are tempted to agree, the debut EP "Walk Away" sounds very mature and homogeneous, despite consisting of mostly of the very first songs penned by the band. "That first EP were some of the first songs I had ever written. I look back on that and shake my head." laughs Kelly, "but I guess every musician does that from time to time on their first songs." The sound of "Walk Away" is very clean and powerful, which is the work of producer Michael Pepe, who were giving the drummer ProTools lessons at the time. He got to know the band, recognized their potential, and gave them a helping hand, resulting in a professional sound most seasoned bands can only dream of.

But sounding great on record is one thing, playing live is the real trial-by-fire. And Something Clever are born to play on stage, which they proved by ending up #1 in ALL voting categories at the Ernie Ball and Rockstar Energy Drink battle of the bands, Simpsonville, SC. I guess this sort of proficiency on stage does not come over night?
"Oh yeah, were always playing many live shows. We headline our hometown every few months as well as regional cities as often as possible. There are pay-to-play opportunities around here...but we prefer to just book our own shows."

The band was then asked to record a soundtrack for the football segment of their local TV channel WSOC, and music ran for two football seasons straight. Not many young bands are asked to record music for TV, so how did that happen? "Yeah that was an interesting experience. One day in 2013 I got an email from one of our local news stations "WSOC-TV". With an email stating that they were looking for a band to create a custom song for their High School Football spot that would take place on Friday nights during football seasons. We did the song, a music video, and they are still using us for it up to today I believe."

Kelly Flusk wearing our gothic clothingRelentless touring has been the key to building their current fanbase, earning the band the #1 spot on Reverb Nation, for metal acts in the Charlotte region. They shared stage with an impressively long list of national acts during the past two years: Like Monroe, Scare Don't Fear, Eyes Set to Kill, I See Stars, Adelita's Way, Dead Rabbits, The Relapse Symphony, A Skylit Drive, Escape the Fate and others. "Sharing "the stage with national acts that have been on our playlist's for years is always a fun experience. Highlights would definitely be when we get to perform for a mostly new crowd that came out to see them, and then creating new fans. Its always fun to be able to meet some of the members before or after the show. Sometimes they buy us drinks, chat a bit. It's always just a cool experience all together. "

So Something Clever have paid their dues the old-school way, by touring clubs again and again. And again. But how about new technologies and social media? "We feel like social media is extremely important these days. That's peoples "go-to" for information, and also how they stay up to date with bands they like, or anything really. So we try hard to make it easy for our fans to find us online, and stay updated using every social media tool we can."

You have released two EP's close to each other ("Seasons of Darkness" was released mid-2015, "Seasons of Light" is hot on it's heels and will hit record stores any day now) - does this mean a full length album is around the corner? "Walk away was released in 2012, and Season of Darkness in 2015. We try to ignore that Walk Away was a thing since it was a completely different line up and style of music....but Season of Darkness is the first part of a dual disc set...and Season Of Light is currently being recorded. It looks like it's going to be a full length as well."

Usually when you ask a band, the latest album is always their favorite - so instead, which is your favorite song, and why? "Personally, I like echoes the best. Maybe it has something to do with how 25% of it is a guitar solo? The song in general is really just in your face guitar riffage and metal."

You are touring to promote your current EP - where can fans get to see Something Clever, and what can they expect at one of your live shows? "At the moment we are in the planning/recording stages of Season of Light...but we are also trying to make it out to our regional cities. We plan on doing a regional tour in June, plus a few other cities outside of the state. Our live shows, they can expect to see us going crazier than ever.. a new light show, as well as our light up boxes, Adams light up mic stand, our massive C02 jets, and a few more surprises that we can't mention just yet. " Sounds like missing out on the opportunity to see Something Clever would be a terrible thing, so whenever the band plays near you, go there, and support newcomers who truly deserve it. You will not regret it.

Live on stageSomething Clever are:

  • Adam Nelson - vocals
  • Kelly Flusk - lead guitar
  • Brett Baker - guitar & backing vocals
  • Colt Crevar - bass & backing vocals
  • Justin Vandyke - drums

Seasons of Darkness - track list

  1. Season of Darkness
  2. Freaks like you
  3. Echoes
  4. Best Laid Plans
  5. The Lie

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