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Hard Leather Stuff are a German manufacturer of gothic coats and jackets for men and women, making genuine leather available at an affordable price. The Saint Inferno, the Van Helsing or the Preacherman coats are all among our customer's favorite designs, and it's no surprise, as the quality is outstanding and the price tag fair. Their designs are also available in wool, cotton or PVC, and our online shop also stocks a selection of tops, pants and skirts that you should not miss.

Made in German is synonym for quality and durability all over the world, so it's no surprise that the coats and jackets by German manufacturer Hard Leather Stuff are exactly that: durable, qualitative. And affordable.

Gothic leather coats, black and genuine

Obviously a company names Hard Leather Stuff will be specialized in clothing made from hides, which is why they are our main supplier of genuine leather coats: their designs are made from quality materials, soft and durable, and they offer great value for money. It is nearly impossible to find leather that good at such a low price. A coat like the popular Saint Inferno design uses lots of fabric, because it has such a wide bottom circumference, it's truly majestic and awe-inspiring. And even though it's our most expensive gothic coat, it still if affordable.

What we love about HLS is that in addition to their own designs, they also make coats inspired by famous movie-heroes and villains. The gorgeous leather coat Hugh Jackman wears in Van Helsing? Check! The long buttoned coat worn by Neo in Matrix? Check! They even have the beautiful tribal-pattern coats worn by the vampires in Underworld, and unlike the many cheap knock-offs available on the Internet, the HLS licensed design is embroidered, not printed. Small detail, huge difference in quality.

Women's and men's jackets made from cotton, wool, PU or PVC

Most coats and jackets by Hard Leather Stuff are also available in other materials, like cotton, wool, PU / PVC, a range of fabrics for all types of needs and weather conditions. Cotton coats are light and great for not-so-cold days, and very popular with customers who want a stylish top attire in summer, spring or autumn. Wool is great for staying warm, and PU / PVC is a great leather-look alternative for vegetarians that do not want animal hides as part of their clothing.

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