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Alchemy Gothic is the worldwide leader in jewelry and accessories for the dark scene. For nearly three decades the UK based forges of Alchemy have supplied the gothic scene with constantly innovative jewelry and accessories, classic and timeless necklaces, rings and pendants. In addition to the Alchemy Gothic jewelry line, our shop also stocks the Empire (Victorian steampunk), Romantique Vampiria (fangs!), UL13 (men's tattoo) and UL17 (women's rockabilly) lines.

Alchemy Gothic have been contributing essential jewelry and accessories to the dark scene for over 30 years. With a long tradition of making intricately detailed necklace, rings and belt buckles, cast from solid English Pewter, hand-polished and finished with great attention to detail, duo-tone materials, authentic Swarovski crystals, sophisticated etchings. Each piece comes with an individual back-story inspired by the classic goth novels, myths and legends, and alternate history. It is safe to say that Alchemy Gothic are uncontested at making the finest jewelry available to the dark scene. Our online shop stocks a select choice of classic and new Alchemy Gothic jewelry, as well as pieces from their alternative collections.

UL13 / UL17 tattoo and rockabilly jewelry

The newest line of jewelry launched by Alchemy Gothic are the UL13 (for men) and UL17 (for women) collections of tattoo necklaces, bracelets and belt buckles. Inspired by classic tattoo motifs, this collection features, sailors, swallows, gambling cards and lots of classic rockabilly motifs. If you love your ink you will love this jewelry.

metal-wear necklaces and pendants

The metal-wear collection by Alchemy Gothic is a return to the roots, to the early days when the company was specialized in licensed merchandising for rock bands, under the name Poker. Today, they draw from this legacy and create new, distinctive and rock inspired necklaces and pendants that have gained popularity among fans of heavy music and crunching guitar riffs. Some of the more well known endorsers of the metal-wear jewelry collection are Evile, Five Finger Death Punch, 69 Eyes, or Lacuna Coil.

Alchemy Empire steampunk jewelry

Are you fascinated by the retro-futuristic Victorian era as imagined by Jules Verne or H.G. Wells? Then you will love the Alchemy Empire steampunk jewelry collection, inspired by the whistling steam machines, the cogs and gears and fantastic inventions taken from the laboratory of Victor Frankenstein. The time-traveling gentleman or Lady will appreciate the finishing of these duo-tone finished necklaces and pendants, featuring copper and brass materials, wires, cogs and vials. A blast from the past indeed!

Gothic horror, vampires and Edgar Allan Poe

The faceted rhinestones and crystals that detail these necklaces and pendants might sparkle, but the vampires that inspired this jewelry collection certainly don't. Taken from the grim fiction of penny dreadfuls and gothic horror stories, these fine pieces even pay tribute to the master himself, Edgar Allan Poe. Chokers with bite marks and blood red droppers reminiscent of blood, black ravens, staked hearts and fangs are the trademark of these frightfully beautiful items.

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  • War Band belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic

    The War Band belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic likens a rune-cut battle shield with crossing Viking swords. Made from duo-tone English Pewter, this fine piece of jewelry is etched and detailed with Futhark runes and is worthy of any Norse leader. Fits on any standard 1.5" belt strap.

    € 41.00
  • *Norsemen Raider's Cross by Alchemy Gothic

    Knotwork cross inspired by the converted Viking raiders, from the Alchemy Gothic metal wear collection of hard rocking jewelry. Made from hand-polished English Pewter and 100% nickel-free, this necklace pendant comes complete on leather cord.

    € 19.00
  • *Black Dahlia choker by Alchemy Gothic

    The Black Dahlia choker by Alchemy Gothic is a gruesome and beautiful lace design, with a black flower and polished pewter skull at its center. Detailed with black beads chain and skull droppers, this delicate choker is a eye-catching reminder of the grim brutality mankind is capable of.

    € 53.00
  • *Vanita's Memento Mori Locket by Alchemy Gothic

    Vanita's Memento Mori Locket is a necklace and pendant from the Alchemy Gothic jewelry line, hand-crafted and polished in the UK from solid English Pewter. The half skull half human face pendant is made with an extrordinary attention to detail, the snake is also visible on the inside of the locket, etched with "Finis Coronat Opus" on the opposite half....

    € 32.00
  • Death Valley necklace by Alchemy Gothic

    The Death Valley necklace by Alchemy Gothic is a ball-chain mounted pendant cast in duo-tone English Pewter, from the UL13 urban tattoo jewelry collection. Hand-made and cast from solid English Pewter, this duo-tone skull with vintage racer cap, goggles and wrench faces danger with a grinning smile.

    € 32.00
  • *The Demon in my Head skull and rhinestone necklace

    The Demon in my Head necklace by Alchemy Gothic is a large skull pendant with crystal and snake detail on the back. It has a highly ploished finishing and smooth surface, with three clear Swarovski crystals on the front side. What we love about this hand-made necklace is that on the reverse, the borders of the skull are made to look like a coiling snake...

    € 49.00
  • *Skullcrusher axe necklace by Alchemy Gothic

    The Skullcrusher is a pendant from the Metal Wear collection by Alchemy Gothic, shaped like a double-bladed axe in bat shape. Hand-made from solid English Pewter, this 2013 spring release has finely carved details and comes complete with matching chain necklace. And of course, like all Alchemy Gothic jewelry, it's nickel-free.

    € 21.90
  • *Blackadder necklace by Alchemy Gothic

    The Blackadder necklace by Alchemy Gothic is shaped like an ancient wrought iron cross, with a coiling snake. It has a blackened finish that adds to the ancient and awe-inspiring feeling of mysticism. And like all Alchemy Gothic jewelry, it is hand-made from solid English Pewter (nickel-free), and comes complete with a matching necklace.

    € 18.50
  • Chaosgram necklace by Alchemy Gothic

    The Chaosgram necklace pendant is a solid cast pewter design by Alchemy Gothic, hand polished and enameled with black inlay. It is made to resemble an interwoven pentagram within a pointed circle, with outer spikes. It comes complete on a nickel-free necklace.

    € 21.90
  • Thunder Hammer belt buckle

    The Thunder Hammer belt buckle by Alchemy Gothic is solid cast English Pewter, hand polished and finely detailed. This buckle snaps on to any standard sized leather belt strap, and is shaped like the Thor hammer Mjölnir, from the viking legends. A classic piece of pagan jewelry with norse ornaments.

    € 58.00
  • Alchemy metal-wear Blade of Deception necklace

    This sword-shaped necklace pendant is the newest addition to the Alchemy Gothic metal-wear jewelry line available in our shop.

    € 19.70
  • She walks in beauty steampunk choker

    This steampunk inspired lace choker by Alchemy Gothic is ornate with a beautiful two-tone brass and pewter center piece, featuring an impressive central onyx stone.

    € 69.00

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