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Raven S.D.L. is a UK based gothic clothing brand, one of the original innovators and creators of the modern dark alternative look. Unique apparel for both men and women, beautifully detailed and of outstanding quality. Our online shop stocks the Raven SDL classic goth apparel line for both women and men, black cotton shirts, pants and skirts detailed with elaborate prints, bondage straps, and metallic rings, as well as the S.D.L. line of cyber wear, and the XS Punk collection of deathrock inspired clothes.

Raven SDL is one of the essential brands in gothic clothing, defining the look of the scene for over twenty years with their distinctive and innovative apparel designed in the UK. Our online shop stocks a selection of their finest designs, both for men and women, hand-picked tops, shirts, skirts and pants, dark, black, beautiful.

Gothic clothing from the XS Punk, SDL and Sacrifice collections by Raven SDL

Raven SDL make designs in various alternative fashion styles, divided into separate collections: XS Punk, deathrock inspired apparel in the vein of the early goth looks, the roots and origin of our scene; Sacrifice, romantic, elegant and inspired by the Victorian era. And last but not least, SDL, the modern designs, dark, urban, sometimes futuristic, sometimes militaristic, but always contemporary and unique. Tops with rivets and mesh, skirts and pants with bondage straps, the very awesome Hellraiser coats, and most importantly, the cyber bodices.

The authentic and original SDL cyber bodices

The single most popular clothing accessory in the EBM, Industrial and dark electro scene is undeniably the cyber bodice, a design that was invented by Raven SDL. Often copied but never equalled, the SDL cyber bodices feature unique rubber padding, rivet and bolt details, and are also popular with metal bands, dance groups and performers who value durability and unique look.

Affordable steampunk inspired clothes

Inspired by the retro-futuristic novels of Jules Vernes and H.G. Wells with a fascination for steam-powered machinery and the inventions of Charles Babbage, steampunk clothing by Raven SDL combines the dark black cotton of classic goth with copper parts like cogs and gears, faux-leather applications and military regalia.

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