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Queen of Darkness offers modern style gothic clothing, for both men and women. Our shop stocks an exhaustive collection of their best skirts, pants and shirts, as well as coat and jackets, frequently updated with the newest designs. The quality is outstanding and the designs innovative, the reputation as one of the best brands in alternative fashion is entirely justified.

Queen of Darkness is one of the best gothic clothing brands. Period. It's one of our customer's favorite brands, and there are several good reasons why, starting with the quality of the materials used, the finishing and craftsmanship, and of course the modern, innovative and unique designs. It's a German brand, and as such, has a reputation of excellency to live up to.

German quality: solid and durable apparel for him and her

German engineering has a reputation of excellency worldwide, so when it comes to the quality of German clothing brand, we expect the same. And Queen of Darkness sure do deliver! Their gothic clothing is made from solid materials, soft but durable fabrics that are comfortable to wear, keep their shape and fit, and will look mint and new even after repeat washing. The sizes are true and the clothes do not shrink easily, nor do they discolor quickly - they stay deep, dark and black even after the dread laundry treatment that has turned many goth into various shades of gray.

Most seams are double-stitched, and we have personally subjected a lot of their clothes to the stress of outdoor music festivals, sweaty dance-floors and the rigors of a moshpit, no problem. That's another reason why so many bands and performers prefer Queen of Darkness for their stage outfits, they're made to last.

Unique and distinctive gothic clothing by Queen of Darkness

But what we like most about Queen of Darkness is that their apparel is unique, distinctive and modern in design. This brand has been very innovative over the years, always reinventing their looks, daring to be fashionable, provocative, edgy and always new. Fresh might be a good word. They're not following trends, they're making them.

Nor are they stuck in the past, constantly rehashing the same old dull styles. Both their men's and women's clothing collections are constantly updated with new look, sometimes seasonal, and covering all types of alternative fashion styles. Some of their apparel is decidedly punk, some things are pure rock'n roll and metal, while others are a tribute to the classic and timeless origins of the goth subculture, with a modern twist, new details and ornaments.

So whatever style you might prefer, whatever clothing you might need to accommodate your work dresscode, Queen of Darkness has a selection of tops, shirts, pants, skirts and jackets that will give you the possibility to style your wardrobe as you like, and also the matching accessories to make your look truly individual and distinctive.

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