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Killstar, the original occult luxury brand, as they call themselves, creates beautiful black and mystical themed fashion for women and men. Their clothing collection included t-shirts, tops and leggings, as well as some really cool dressed that Wednesday Adams would adore! Stay hexed!

UK clothing brand Killstar creates a unique blend of gothic clothing mixed with occult elements, Egyptian mythology, and a pinch of LA's Melrose fashion. And like the good Brits that they are, they have a knack for dark humor, fine twists of irony, and generally awesome punchlines. This makes their apparel range both playful and somber, and thus a great choice for those who like to look dashing but who don't take their whole look too serious. We like that easy-going attitude.

Gothic clothing with occult print motifs

The most distinctive feature of Killstar apparel is the recurring occult elements, in form of Egyptian lore and mythology, cryptic symbols and esoteric concepts, including religion and kabbalah. These themes are then sprinkled with classic dark symbols, skulls, rib-cages and snakes that gives the design a more sinister look. And the, just to screw with stereotypes, they will throw rainbows, unicorns, bright colors or kitties into the mix. Because fuck clichés, we're goths, and we dress however we want.

Quality and comfort

Ultimately, one of our favorite aspects about Killstar clothes is how nice they fit, relaxed, casual. They simply feel great to wear. The fabrics used are premium soft-touch jersey, usually 100% cotton, ringspun and of no less than 140g density. These are not your cheapish graphic shirts, this is the good stuff, and you get good value for money. We have hand-picked every design that we stock in our online shop to make sure you get the best selection the Killstar brand has to offer.

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