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Black Pistol is a brand of male and female goth clothes, brought to you by the same people who design and make Aderlass, Sektor1 and Mode Wichtig. It is an entry-level budget collection with people in mind who want great looks at a more affordable price. If compromises were made on these designs, it certainly was not in looks and attitude; this brand is full of raw punk attitude, darkest gothic black, and metal rage!

Black Pistol was created by the creative team of Aderlass, one of Germany's premium goth clothing brands. Their goal: to create a new line of men's and women's clothes that look great but remain affordable. Aderlass designs can be quite expensive, especially the solid metal rings and buckles, those cost a lot, bumping up the price considerably.

So instead of relying on their traditional d-rings, metal plates, chains and straps look, the designers tapped into the punk roots of the goth scene, capturing the spirit of the early batcave and deathrock days, combining frayed black cottons with tartan fabric. That's the spirit of Black Pistol clothes, a punk attitude and darkwave aesthetics, spiced with faux-leather straps, zipper applications.

An all-time customer favorite is the Freak Pants design, which asymmetrically combines two very different types of fabric patterns / colors. If the Batman villain Two-Face would buy pants from us, he'd buy these. The Black Pistol Freak Pants are available in bold stripes, black and white tartan, and regular tartan.

The men's shirts are also a favorite among our male customers, inexpensive, comfortable to wear and looking great, what's not to love about them.

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