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Our online shop stocks a large selection of quality bracelets, leather belts and chokers by StyleX, detailed with an assortment of metal spikes and studs that will match any goth, punk and metal clothes. Make your look unique, chose some accessories.

Style-X is a UK based brand specialized in all kinds of gothic, punk and metal accessories, including a vast selection of belts, bracelets and chokers with rivets and spikes. Made from genuine leather with quality rivets (metal, screw mounting), their collection of accessories offers you great value for money and large choice of styles. Our online shop stocks belts and bracelets that will look great with any of our men's and women's clothing and a lot of different styles, ranging from old-school deathrock gothic to metal and punk.

Accessorize, add some edge to your look

The secret to creating an individual and distinctive look is the accessories. Granted, the clothing plays a considerable part too, but the finishing touch, it's all in the accessories. Belts, bracelets, chokers and jewelry, they all contribute to define the final look. With the right accessories, you can make a black blouse and skirt look suitable for a job interview, or you can look like a wild rock'n roll girl, ready to kick some serious ass and take names. That's the power of accessories.

Quality made in the UK

The metal cones and rivets on the chokers and bracelets made by Style-X are usually solid cast metal, the material is heavy and durable. Spikes and studs are usually screw-mounted on their leather support, which considerably reduces the likeliness that a spike will fall off or that you will damage your clothing, like it often happens on cheap spike belts and bracelets. And all belt, choker and bracelet straps are made from genuine leather, mostly cowhide.

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