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Kreepsville 666 is our favorite brand of fun and spooky things, playfully blending gore and horror themes in their clothing designs. They without doubt are the funniest of all alternative apparel brands, fully embracing the campy humor often found in old horror and b-movies, but that does not mean that their products are not fashionable or stylish. And besides, who does not love Zombies?

Kreepsville 666 clothing and accessories are deeply rooted in the origins of gothic fashion, inspired by the Batcave and Deathrock movements (and to some extent even modern Psychobilly). Colorful and spooky, their creations are perfectly complimentary with almost all modern goth clothes. Our online shop stocks two types of Kreepsville 666 products, apparel and accessories:

Kreepsville 666 clothing - spooktacular fashion for him and her

Kreepsville 666 have been providing us with sensational graphic shirts and button-downs that would make any zombie-heart beat. Unapologetically funny, campy, irreverent, their graphic designs and motifs are unique and original - typically Kreepsville. With slogans like "nice to meet you, going to eat you" and "god save the count", their style is witty and pays homage to popular icons of the dark subculture.

Be cool, be ghoul - hair-slides, belt buckles and other accessories

One of the most popular accessories by Kreepsville 666 are the skeleton hair-slides, available in all kinds of colors, bone, rotten green, bloody, and even glow-in-the-dark. They are great will all styles of alternative looks, punk, metal, classic death-rock, they are a catchy little detail that will make people smile. But that's not all we have, our selection includes belt-buckles, crucifixes, wallets and even socks!

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