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Restyle is a European brand of gothic jewelry and accessories with exclusive designs at affordable price. These creations look gorgeous, and combine beauty with versatility, like the combo pendants, that can be worn as necklace or brooch. Restyle understands that the secret to creating a distinctive look is to have the right accessories, and their necklaces, brooches and bags are designed with that in mind.

What we like most about Restyle is that their designs are made to create distinctive and unique looks, yet are versatile in their application; you can use them in a variety of alternative clothing styles, which makes the necklaces, bags and other accessories perfect for combining. Restyle often collaborate with gothic artists like Euflonica and use her paintings and drawings as inspiration or motif for their creations.

The necklace / brooch combo design - why you must have it

Our favorite Restyle designs are their collection of gothic necklaces that double as brooch, you can either wear them as a regular necklace, or remove the chain from the pendant, and use it as a brooch, giving you great flexibility on how to put this item to use: add a cool eye-catching detail to a jacket or handbag, wear it around your neck, whatever the look of the day calls for. It's like getting two accessories for the price of one, great value for money.
But Restyle also make regular pendants and absolutely gorgeous bead and chain chokers, available at very affordable prices - looking stylish and elegant has never been more inexpensive.

Corset waist belts and bags for the lady with style

In addition to their beautiful necklace collection, Restyle also make some very classic and elegant looking handbags, a convenient and stylish way to store all your trinkets, wallet, keys and cellphone. The bags have a great size, with enough storage to get everything in there, without getting too heavy or so crammed it's impossible to find anything inside.
We also love the waist belts, which are designed to be worn over a regular corset, adding a whole new layer of fabulous zing to any design. For example, you can own one good plain black under-bust corset and combine different waist belts with it, and make it look like the ornate motif is part of the corset. You can thus create different looks with only one corset, a much cheaper alternative than having to buy 3-4 corsets. Because good corsets are expensive (see our Slacks collection for hand-crafted German quality corsets).

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  • Restyle Necromancer black monster teeth necklace

    The Necromancer Black monster teeth necklace is a gothic pendant and brooch design by Restyle, black and white teeth mounted on an ornate pewter frame designed by Euflonica. This is hand-finished goth jewelry, not a mass-product, so you will own a unique piece from a very limited series. And you can wear it either as brooch or necklace.

    € 15.00
    1 Review(s)
  • Dead Bat skull cameo necklace by Restyle

    Highly detailed black bat skull pendant with gothic cameo frame made from polished pewter, can also be worn as brooch. All pieces hand finished by Restyle, so everyone is unique. You can wear it around your neck or embellish your goth clothing!

    € 15.00
  • Red Rose elastic waist belt

    This waist belt is a perfect accessory for your gothic clothing when used in combination with corsets, blouses or dresses. Combining classic goth elements like black lace and satin ribbon, the oval frame is printed with a red rose design by Polish artist Euflonica. This elastic waist belt will fit sizes S to L and take your outfit to a whole new level of...

    € 21.00
  • Vamp elastic waist belt

    Gothic waist belt by Restyle, digital vampire / bat print by Polish artist Euflonica, with an oval frame of satin and lace. This elastic waist belt perfect accessory for all styles of goth clothing, like blouses, corsets or dresses, and will fit all sizes from S to L.

    € 21.00
  • Crow Funeral necklace / brooch by Restyle

    Gothic necklace by Restyle jewelry, shaped like a winged crow skull - can also be worn as brooch.

    € 15.50
  • Hands of Hades

    Black gothic gloves by Restyle, detailed with metal rivets and adjustable straps with buckle closures.

    € 21.00
  • Swift Death skull with wings necklace by Restyle

    Antiqued winged skull and crossbones necklace by Restyle, from the vintage gothic jewelry line.

    € 14.00
  • Antiqued Winged Key necklace by Restyle

    Antiqued steampunk key pendant with bat wings and glass eye, from the Restyle gothic jewelry line.

    € 14.00

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