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Ladies, please allow us to show you some of the most lovely, exquisite or bad-ass gothic dresses available from clothing brands like Aderlass, Queen of Darkness or Sinister. We have a selection of modern and classic dress designs for all the ghoulish girls, punk princesses and femmes fatales.

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  • Coven Tunic dress by Restyle Coven Tunic dress by Restyle
    Coven Tunic black goth dress by Restyle

    Fluttery sleeves and a nice little witchcraft vibe are the signature look of this gothic dress by Restyle clothing. Playfully elegant and black.

    € 61.00
  • Gothic harness dress by Restlye Gothic harness dress by Restlye
    Goth harness dress with o-rings, by Restyle

    A combination of witchy black fabric and vegan-leather for a kinky rock 'n' roll attitude, this gothic dress by Restyle charms us with it's harness and o-rings look.

    € 86.00
  • Divination Doom dress by Killstar Divination Doom dress by Killstar
    Divination Doom dress by Killstar

    Looking stunning made effortless with this gothic dress by UK clothing brand Killstar, featuring pentagram harness and faux-leather accents.

    € 86.00
  • Ziva She’s Evil dress by Killstar Ziva She’s Evil dress by Killstar
    Ziva She’s Evil velvet dress by Killstar

    Get your witchy vibe on with the Ziva She's Evil dress by goth clothing brand Killstar. Black velvet softness combined with occult pentagram accent.

    € 52.00
  • Stella Shadows goth dress by Killstar
    Stella Shadows dress by Killstar

    A mystifying Addams dress by Killstar, that you'll love wearing for all occasions, all days of the week (including Wednesday, of course). This is how we like our goth clothing, flattering and easy to wear (zip in, zip out, less than a minute).

    € 50.00
  • Conjuring maxi dress by Killstar

    Alternative clothing brand Killstar definitely summoned the spirit of occult fashion with the flowing and hooded Conjuring maxi dress.

    € 85.00
  • Doll dress by Killstar

    American Horror Story or Addams Family, if you loved the look you will love the Doll dress by Killstar. Now it's Wednesday every day of the week.

    € 49.00
  • Virgin Angel stud waist mini-dress Spiral Direct

    A gothic mini-dress by UK clothing brand Spiral Direct, with Virgin Angel graphic print and faux-leather stud waist.

    € 31.00
  • *Oversized sweater dress with front pocket

    Oversized sweater dress for women, from the Queen of Darkness brand of goth clothing, with rivet detail and front pockets. Dress or top, you decide!

    € 63.00
  • *Backless gothic dress with shoulder spikes

    A backless dress by Queen of Darkness, this comfortable black cotton design has a beautiful open back and spikes at shoulder. A snug but comfortable fitting design that flatters your silhouette.

    € 48.00
  • Queen of Darkness mini dress angel wings

    Gothic mini dress by the Queen of Darkness clothing brand, black cotton with draped neck and hem, sheer puff shoulders and large angel wing print in back. Made from soft stretch cotton fabric.

    € 67.00
  • Stretchy skull and roses print dress

    Skull and roses all-over print dress from the Queen of Darkness collection of goth clothing for women, made from ultra-soft and stretchy fabric. A beautiful snug fitting goth dress for all occasions, perfect for enjoying warm summer days while looking elegant and provocative.

    € 38.00

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