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In addition to our main brands, our gothic shop also stock a variety of other quality brands from the dark scene, like Omen, Laughing Vampire and many more...

In addition to our main brands, our gothic shop also stock a variety of other quality brands from the dark scene. We stock only select clothing and accessories by these designers, beautiful gems we absolutely had to have for our store. We have men's shirts by Omen Clothing, rockabilly choker necklaces by Kitty Cat Black, genuine corsets by Slacks Fashion, capes by Laughing Vampire, t-shirts by Strangeways and Avelina de Moray, as well as cute cartoon goth apparel by Viento.

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  • Men's top with mesh sleeves and zippers Men's top with mesh sleeves and zippers
    Men's top with mesh sleeves and zippers

    A classic goth men's t-shirt with long mesh sleeves, detailed with zippers and d-rings. Alt fashion suitable for all clothing styles, metal, punk or gothic. Exclusive design, available in our online shop only.

    € 49.00
  • Toxico Zombie Cemetery men's t-shirt
    Toxico Zombie Cemetery men's t-shirt

    Glow-in-the-dark print men's t-shirt by Toxico, with ghoulish shrouded zombies and gravestones. 100% cotton (black).

    € 11.75 € 23.50 -50%
  • Toxico Atheist Army men's t-shirt
    Toxico Atheist Army men's t-shirt

    Black cotton men's t-shirt with Atheist Army print, by goth clothing brand Toxico.

    € 11.75 € 23.50 -50%
  • Faux-leather women's pants by RQ-BL

    Black faux-leather pants with drawstring details, from the RQ-BL (Red Queen's Black Legion) women's clothing collection.

    € 61.00
    2 Review(s)
  • RQ-BL new roses skull fascinator hat

    Women's fascinator by the Red Queen's Black Legion gothic steampunk hat collection, detailed with feathers, lace, beads and clock parts. A hand-made piece that features a black rose beautifully detailed with a cast skull, a reminder for all the Victorian ladies of steam that "tempus fugit".

    € 52.00
  • RQ-BL big skull feather headdress

    Gothic women's hat from the Red Queen's Black Legion (RQ-BL) collection, with big black skull, rhinestones and feathers detail. Beautifully detailed with black and red roses, organza and mesh, this hand-made headpiece is held in place by two alligator hair slides on the base.

    € 72.00
  • RQ-BL birdcage and roses fascinator hat

    Gothic fascinator hat hand-made by Red Queen's Black Legion (RQ-BL), with black venice lace and ornate with organza leaves and roses, and featuring a prominent metal cage with a trapped red rose and copper-tone butterflies. Fastened with two crocodile clips at the base. 

    € 52.00
  • Anatomy men's shirt by Jack the Ripper Clothing

    Black men's t-shirt with red 'Anatomy' print from the Jack the Ripper clothing series by Longtime Gothic.

    € 19.90
  • Hellraiser goth coat for men

    The brand new Hellraiser men's coat design from our goth clothing collection. A unique design with chest plate cover and metal buckles, snap hooks and lots of strap and string details all over.

    € 129.00
    3 Review(s)
  • Gothic clothing for women mystery bag
    -€ 60.00
    Mystery Bag (women)

    The mystery bag consists of two randomly selected pieces of women's clothing and one accessory with a total value of at least € 100. All brand items, new and in their original packaging (if applicable).

    € 40.00 € 100.00 -€ 60.00
  • Not Dead bag faux-leather reptile look

    Gothic handbag made from shiny black imitation leather, detailed with zipper, chain and skull patch.

    € 20.00
  • Gothic belt, vintage tattoo look by Miamia Ink
    *Vintage tattoo belt cracked leather

    Vintage looking cracked leather belt with classic tattoo motif design by Miami Ink.

    € 35.50

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